FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stitcher adds an impressive group of Subscription-based Progressive Talkers to their line-up

San Francisco, November 19, 2010–

Stitcher Radio and Mike Malloy Radio Productions LLC, SM Radio Productions Inc, Ring of Fire Productions, Bill Press Partners, The Leslie Marshall Show, LLC, together with 921 Associates, LLC, inked an exciting new partnership. Subscribers of the shows’ premium content will now have instant access to daily programming on their mobile phones using the Stitcher Radio app. The shows involved in this partnership include top-rated national programming, such as: The Stephanie Miller Show, Ring of Fire, The Bill Press Show, The Leslie Marshall Show and The Mike Malloy Show.

Stitcher’s free mobile app will authenticate paid members’ subscriber information, allowing listeners to stream full versions of the show each day. This service is included in each shows’ member benefits. Stitcher is a free download and because it streams the content, it does not use a lot of memory or data from a phone plan. Subscribers can now listen to their favorite premium shows from their phone, on-demand, wherever they go, whenever they want.

“We are very excited to provide listeners a great way to access some of the nation’s most popular radio shows, whenever and wherever they want,” said Stitcher CEO and co-founder Noah Shanok. “It is great to provide the audience increased flexibility and options with their memeberships.”

“We feel that Stitcher will provide our current subscribers a fantastic option of getting their premium content on the go via their mobile device. “ Said 921’s George Vassilopoulos “While people that are unfamiliar with these exciting programs will be able to discover them by hearing the highlight clips that will be available for free.”

All the shows can be found under the Progressive Talkers Source listing on Stitcher.

About Stitcher:

Stitcher delivers on?demand news and talk radio for mobile devices. With Stitcher’s free mobile phone app, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm webOS listeners can access their favorite audio content anytime, anywhere they choose. By streaming the best in news, sports, talk and entertainment straight to mobile phones, Stitcher is the easiest way to stay connected to a world on the go – receiving only the information that’s most important, in a format that fits into people’s busy lives. The company was recently honored with the 2009 “People’s Voice Webby” award for Mobile News and a “Best of ‘09” award from San Francisco magazine. listed Stitcher among the best apps of the year, and named Stitcher one of the week’s best apps in early December.

Smartphone users can download Stitcher quickly and easily at or at the iPhone, Palm, Android & BlackBerry app stores.

About 921 Associates:

A full service web development firm, 921 Associates offers unique solutions for web design, development, SEO, monetization and marketing for clients in broadcast and visual media. Set apart by a comprehensive ability to analyze optimal solutions for each individual client, implement them cost-effectively, and provide on-going support in the ever-evolving online world, and with a proven track record of success, 921 Associates combines technical sophistication with a discerning eye for graphic impact to provide results that continually enhance their client’s online profiles.

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George Vassilopoulos 203-936-9115 or